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75 Plastic Paper Clips 60mm, Assorted Colours, Non-Magnetic, Ref: 21C1313


75 60mm Plastic Paper Clips
Assorted Colours 100% Recyclable Non Magnetic Clips!

These plastic paper clips are safe to use near magnetically
sensitive media, computer, CDs, DVDs.
The paper clips can be used for your traditional paper filing or tidying.
They can hold multiple sheets of paper and they will not stain.
Apart from filing and tidying the clips can also be used as bookmarks.
They can assist card makers and scrap bookers to temporarily secure
embellishments while waiting for glues to dry etc.

They can also be used to secure hems when sewing! If you have
no straight pins, use paper clips to keep folded-over fabric in place
when sewing a simple hem. Just slide the paper clip along
the material as you work.

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Brand Gilmex
Condition New